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Express Shipping Australia - Anywhere, Anytime

Fast, easy and reliable express shipping service

Nextflightcourier Worldwide Ltd. is a professional same day courier serving across Australia. We specialize in local, national and international same day shipping services. We help to deliver your package anytime, anywhere, and the fastest way possible. No account, no long preparation processes! Nextflightcourier will pick up your urgent shipment easy and fast, without any hassle.

24/ 7 Express Shipping in Australia and Worldwide

Working 24/ 7, we ship your letter, parcels or skids even on weekends, holidays and after hours. Time critical shipments, temperature sensitive products or important documents are our specialties. Our team always finds the right shipping possibility according to the need of our customers. They will keep the cost low and will provide the fastest shipping solution available. Our 24/7 shipping services include Next Flight Out, charter flights or hand carry service as well as direct drive.

Express Shipping Australia for Companies and Factories Worldwide

Many of Nextflightcourier’s clients work in the aviation or high tech industry. They rely on us to get their machine parts delivered immediately without delays. Our courier representatives understand the significance of equipment and its role in keeping your machines, and your company, running and prevent plant shut downs. For this reason, we always make sure to deliver the urgent parts safely and on time. We offer a wide range of delivery solutions for this highly important need for all kind of industries and factories all around the world.

Get time and temperature sensitive shipments on same day!

Our shipping and delivery of critical equipment like medical products, laboratory samples and much more can save lives. By cutting down the transport time, your time or temperature sensitive shipment will make it on time for any and all emergencies. Our experienced professionals are well trained to handle sensitive equipment with special attention, as well as with all required protocols.

24/7 Express Shipping for Private Customers

Not only businesses but also private people receive professional and reliable shipping services with Nextflightcourier Worldwide. You do not need an account with us. With easy and fast prepayment, everybody will be able get important packages delivered same day. No matter if you need to ship your passport, your keys or some important documents – Nextflightcourier will help you getting it on time via express shipping.

Get more information about express passport shipping!

Why choose Nextflightcourier?

  • Fastest way of shipping
  • 24/7 pick-up & drop-off
  • Flexible transportation solutions
  • Worldwide shipping services
  • Personal support
  • Easy and quick handling

24/7 Same Day Shipping

We deliver your package 24 hours a day, 7 days a week –even on weekends and holidays

Door to Door Courier

We pick up at your business or private address and deliver directly to your door at the delivery address.

Personal Service

Our agents choose the best solution for your needs and support you during the whole shipping process.

Our Same Day Shipping Services

Nextflightcourier Worldwide is specialized in emergency and rush shipping. Local, national or international – We offer services everywhere you need us. Depending on the weight and type of item which needs to be sent, our agents will provide you with the best shipping service according to your needs. We differentiate between services on ground, such as Direct Drive and Hot Shot Service, and air services such as Next Flight Out, Hand Carry and Cargo Charter. We provide each service 24/7 even on weekends and holidays.

24/7 Direct Drive

The Direct Drive is the best same day shipping service for national shipments or urgent packages with heavy weight. By car, mini van or cargo van our drivers will pick up your parcel and deliver it door-to-door to its destination directly without any stops. We also do cross-border-shipping and we will handle your customs.

24/7 Local Delivery

Do you need to send something within a city or the region? Then Nextflightcourier’s local drivers are the best option to receive your package within only few hours. It just needs one call to our agents and we will send the driver on his way to the pick up address. Our fleet for local shipping services include cars, vans and trucks.

24/7 Next Flight Out

Flying your urgent package as air cargo from one airport to the other with the next available flight means Next Flight Out. No matter if nationwide or worldwide – Nextflightcourier will find the best flight for your shipment. We will handle all the paperwork and give you regular updates in our tracking system. The pick up and delivery within the airports’ cities is included in the Next Flight Out service.

24/7 Hand Carry

Hand Carry or On Board Courier is the safest and fastest same day shipping service offered by Nextflightcourier. One of our employees will accompany your urgent package all the way, door-to-door. He will pick it up, bring it on the plane and deliver it to its destination. This express shipping service is the best for low weight and very urgent items.

24/7 Cargo Charter

Do you have something big or heavy which needs to be shipped national or international? Maybe it needs to be taken to a place where hardly anybody delivers to? For these situations Nextflightcourier offers Cargo Charters. One plane will be arranged and scheduled exclusively for your shipment and brought same day to its destination.


Nextflightcourier, our express shipping company, serves customers all across Australia. We reach destinations where nobody else delivers to. Send your important shipment within a city or province, cross-country or oversea – Our same day shipping services reach out everywhere.

Shipping Prices

Nextflightcourier Worldwide always gives you “all-in” quotes. There are no hidden costs or fees in your personal shipping quote. To give general prices for our same days shipping is almost impossible as they depend on many individual factors such as weight, dimensions, distance and needed speed. Get a vague idea of the prices here.